M-Hotel By Tim Pyne


We are longtime fans of UK architect Tim Pyne, one of the prefab pioneers with his lovely M-House. Now he has gone multi-unit with his M-Hotel proposal. The 500 square foot units plug into a steel frame "a bit like Corb did at the Unite" - I think it looks more like my Kenner Girder and Panel building set.


Tim sees it as a temporary use for 7-10 years and then it can be broken down and taken away when the land-owners have a higher and better use- evidently there are car parks in emerging areas where the owners are sitting on land.


"it is an apart-hotel because London is increasingly being inhabited by European businesspeople who need places to stay that are not hotels. Lost in Translation was accurate; you can do about five days before going crazy."


::Tim Pyne via ::Yanko