Colorful Box Hides Lovely, Transformer 270 Sq. Foot Tea Shop in Sao Paulo

Tea shop hides behind colorful wall in Sao Paulo. Photo© Djan Chu

If you know anything about the sustainable design world these days, you know small spaces are all the rage. Articles and books are everywhere and even TreeHugger's founder Graham Hill jumped on the wagon with his Life Edited unit. But you know the idea has really arrived when mayor Michael Bloomberg announces a contest to build tiny studios in New York City, even waiving zoning regulations to allow smaller units.

In Latin America, designers are catching up with the trend and we've seen 300 Sq. feet lofts in Buenos Aires and 450 Sq. feet family apartments in Sao Paulo. But Brazilian architects Alan Chu and Cristiano Kato have come up with something pretty special with their store for The Gourmet Tea ( ArchDaily).

Located in 270 Sq. feet at the Cidade Jardim shopping mall, the store hides inside a plywood box whose front side is a wall with a colorful design inspired by the brand's packaging. When the store opens, a few of the panels are pulled out revealing the sign, counter and shelves.

Tea shop sign and counter start popping up behind wall. Photo© Djan Chu

Tea shop sign and counter, shelves pop up from behind wall. Photo© Djan Chu

The Gourmet Tea shop at Cidade Jardim shopping center all open. Photo© Djan Chu

Tea shop hides behind colorful wall in Sao Paulo. Photo© Djan Chu

Great idea which, with some security fixes, could probably be applied to shops with little floor space on the street.

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