Lottery Tower is Built From 55 Shipping Containers

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Architect's models used to be as accurate as possible; now that there is computer modelling, they seem to be becoming more expressive and a lot more fun. Lars Behrendt has designed this tower out of 55 shipping containers, evidently for the purpose of choosing the winning numbers of a lottery.

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It is in a dilapidated part of Stuttgart that needs some cheering up, being isolated and full of shady characters. The architects write:

Over a period five to ten years, a temporary tower to upgrade the neighborhood, an attractive focal point and create a vibrant, colorful mixed-use development offering a temporary shelter. The temporary nature of the project will lead to the use of shipping containers as construction and space-forming element.

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It has many different recreational uses, including a pool, gardens alcoves, "a whole collection of spaces meeting a variety of needs and possibilities.

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It even has a Lovetainer. More at Lotto-turm via Designboom

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