LOT-EK Container Housing Coming to New York


LOT-EK are among the best of the small crew of architects working with shipping containers, which are rarely seen in the urban context. However it is coming to Chinatown in NYC as they build this 19 storey artists loft building with a commercial base. The developer. According to Curbed: Mr. Woo of Young Woo & Associates said that he had become very interested in plans developed by Lot-ek (which stands for "low-tech") employing large metal shipping containers. He said he considered their use in residential construction "fascinating" and "environmentally friendly."...


The Lot-ek scheme for 87 Lafayette Street apparently employs stacking the containers with staircases at the north and south ends and also calls for some containers to protrude randomly on the west facade. The building's slant begins at the third floor on White Street and the sixth floor on the north side. The roof of the slanted tower would have an array of solar panels.


From CityRealty: The garage "rooms" may be the building's most unusual feature, but its most visible feature will be its unusual facade that its website maintains was inspired in part by neighboring industrial lots. The building's facade has a base that will clad in gunmetal glazed terracotta while the setback tower will be clad in brushed stainless steel that the website states "takes on organic curves while reflecting the area's industrial past.


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