Logical Homes at CES


When we first saw De Maria Design's Redondo Beach House, we took a pass -it just didn't look like "Seventy percent of the building is efficiently created/assembled in a controlled shop environment" when the pictures show empty boxes and conventional construction, insulated with "ceramic-based insulation [that] is the same as a product used on NASA's Space Shuttle." Too much hype.

Now we learn that "This project has given birth to a new residential product line. It's what we call Packaged Architectureâ„¢ This line of homes will launch in the Fall of 2006 through our affiliate Logical Homes " Michael Sylvester of FabPrefab caught it at CES, a logical place to launch a prefab.


Mocoloco says "The house has modern lines and a long cantilevered roof - you can hardly see that this home is based on the adaptive re-use of two forty foot cargo containers." ::Mocoloco

Logical Homes' website has been dead for a while, but we look forward to Logical HomesTM, light+space resolved TM and Packaged ArchitectureTM and many more trademarks. ::Logical Homes

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