There’s just something appealing about having your home helicoptered onto site. Maybe it’s the James Bond techno-chic element. The Loftcube takes advantage of unused space on high-rise rooftops: either the landlord can keep it there and rent it, or you can take it with you when you go. The pod-like exterior can be finished the way you want in combinations of glass and wood blinds, and the 36 square meter interior is customizable, too. Modular wall panels......separate the kitchen and bathroom, with the same tap used for both sinks (a bit like the swivel screen in the Sustainable Condo) to cut down on plumbing materials. The shower head can also water the plants, which is, if not terribly useful, sure to provide endless party entertainment.

While we love the idea of prefab housing that doesn’t leave a footprint on undeveloped land, the Loftcube is heavy on wood and plastics, with no indication that they’re sustainably forested or produced. Perhaps the manufacturers could include some eco-friendly options in the list of customization choices? €55,000 ($74,000) Via sputnik and MoCoLoco ::Loftcube [by KK]