Livingbox Competition

Treehugger loves prefab- it can be a better way to build energy efficient, greener home. Italian portal has announced a design competition with two categories:

* Living unit as preassembled block/blocks
Unit made by preassembled block/blocks whose dimensions allow transport on roads, rails or by air. Dimensions can be related (but it’s not compulsory) to standard dimensions of containers for commercial transportations that automatically comply with transportability problems and don’t need special vehicles. Final unit might be obtained by a single block or by assembling and connecting more than one block.

* Living unit as assemblage of light prefabricated small elements
Unit made by technological systems relying on small prefabricated elements that can be assembled on site according to the need for special dimensions of living units (when such dimensions don’t allow transportation with common vehicles) or when structural conception of technological system doesn’t allow handling of preassembled blocks (usually when system doesn’t provide for a self-foundation basement)

This is a really interesting program and is open to anyone. Ladies and Gentlemen, sharpen your pencils! ::Livingbox

Livingbox Competition
* Living unit as preassembled block/blocks Unit made by preassembled