Living Homes Introduces New LEED Platinum Prefabs at Affordable Prices

The green modern prefab industry will never be able to deliver a product as cheaply as the conventional stick builders in the 'burbs, but Living Homes is certainly getting competitive with the custom builders at $145 per square foot. Given that their new CK house are going for LEED platinum, that's actually amazing. Steve Glenn says in a press release:

The CKs are a breakthrough product line for LivingHomes. For the first time, homeowners are able to get a two story home that offers great, modern design and an extremely comprehensive environmental program at a price that is less than the cost to build a traditional home on site in large cities.

ck interiorLiving Homes/Promo image

Images are of the CK4, a two-storey urban design. The units are built by Cavco, a big western modular and mobile home manufacturer. To build LEED platinum, they have to lose the vinyl and seriously upgrade to cork floors and natural wood millwork and siding.

CK5© Living Homes CK5

Living Homes promises a lot of nothing:

  • Zero Energy: Energy efficient lighting and appliances, smart heating/AC control system to reduce power usage.
  • Zero Carbon/Waste: Recycled materials & Cradle to Cradle inspired materials. Carbon off-set included in purchase price to counter energy used to create the home.
  • Zero Water: Low flow water fixtures. Grey water ready system.
  • Zero Emissions: No VOC paint. Formaldehyde-free millwork.
  • Zero Ignorance: Real time feedback on energy usage
  • .

lving homes© Living Homes

Mashing together Living Homes designs and specs with a big manufacturer like Cavco isn't an easy thing to do; these are volume businesses that build really quickly and are not used to the kinds of materials and detailing that you get in a Living Homes type of design. A decade ago, they would just laugh at you if you showed up with a green modern design.

But times have clearly changed; if the Cavco type manufacturers are willing to work with the Steve Glenn type visionaries, then we are going to see some great things in green modern prefab.

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Living Homes Introduces New LEED Platinum Prefabs at Affordable Prices
As modern green prefab builders move up the learning curve, they move down the price point.

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