Karim Rashid's Kit 24 House

24 outside thurs.jpg

Everyone lined up to see the Kit 24 House by Karim Rashid at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. It is made from 24 facets of aluminum panels, can be assembled in 24 hours, and the upper level is supposed to rotate every 24 hours. We were just waiting for Kiefer Sutherland to dash through the crowds. Outside of it being prefab, there is not much to commend it to Treehugger. 242.jpg

almost everything in the house, from the custom plastic laminate floors to the furniture, was plastic.


We did like the staircaise, looking like some kind of steel spinal column;


acres of ferns died millions of years ago to make the hydrocarbons consumed in the manufacture of this bathroom. What more can we say? Just that they did it much better 50 years ago with the Monsanto House of the Future.

Click below to enlarge plan.



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