Jennifer Siegal's Showhouse Lands In Joshua Tree


Jennifer Siegal's ShowHouse was designed to "exhibit the ideas of prefabrication, flexibility, portability and compact spaciousness." The 12' x 60' prefab sat on an urban lot in Venice, California for a while, and now has found a home in Joshua Tree, where it will sit on an eighty acre property. But it looks so lonely. Really, the Unhappy Hipster people could do a whole new series "If prefabs could talk."


There are so many stories that they could tell; about the dreams so many architects had for a prefab future that never quite panned out.

The Showhouse was " clad with metal siding and translucent polycarbonate panels, while its interior features a high sloping ceiling, a Boffi kitchen and bathroom, iPort sound system, flowing ventilation, radiant heat panels, and a variety of sustainable floor and wall materials."

Preston at Jetson Green reminds us that two years ago it was for sale for $ 175,000; That is a tough sell in this market.


Good for Jennifer for finding a home for this one; Inhabitat says that Film producer Chris Hanley is the proud owner.

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