Jenesys Flatpack Prefabs


We have often joked that the more energy-efficient buildings get, the more closely they will resemble walk-in coolers. British Columbia's Jenesys Building Systems has introduced a line of prefabs that do exactly that: thick, structural insulated panels (SIP) that are strong, efficient insulators without thermal breaks, tight efficient designs that minimize exterior surface areas, and minimal window area where not facing the sun. It is the combination of these things that make a building perform really well.

Walk-in coolers are pretty utilitarian looking, but architect Carsten Jensen has managed to pull it off with some style.


This picture shows a house under construction, showing the SIP walls (a sandwich of OSB or particle board with styrofoam) as both walls and floors. Being a flatpack system, they can be shipped very easily and efficiently.


We talk often about how a path to sustainability is to simply use less, and we really like that they are offering small, efficient plans like this 1398 square foot 2-bedroom plus study plan. With R 40 walls and R 60 roof and optional triple glazed windows, this sucker will run on body heat. A heat recovery ventilator is also an option, but I think should be a requirement; a house built like this is going to be so airtight and efficient that one might run out of oxygen.


Note the bigger windows with sliding sun-shades- great solar gain when you need the heat, but a way to keep the sun out when you don't want it.

Architect Carsten Jensen is following in the footsteps of Michelle Kaufmann, Jennifer Siegel and Marmol Radziner: an architect taking control of the production system and selling not just designs, but complete buildings to builders and the public. Like Rocio Romero's LV, flatpacks need a bit more work on the part of the buyer to put together, but they are not as limited in their distribution. Great stuff from ::Jenesys. via ::Mocoloco

From the site:

Standard Shell Features

* Superinsulated walls and roof
walls - 8 inch Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) (R 40)
roof - 6 inch SIPS plus 10 - 12 inches of batt insulation (R 60)
* Floors to crawl space-6 inch SIPS (R 30)
* Energy Star® windows - double-glazed, argon , low E
* Fibre-cement panel cladding - rainscreen application
* Passive solar heat gain
* Cross ventilation
* Exterior sun screens

Optional Shell Feature Upgrades

* Triple glazed windows
* Metal rainscreen cladding
* Life Breath Heat Recovery Ventilator
* Thermal solar collectors for domestic hot water pre-heat
* Photovoltaic solar collectors

Recommended Finish Features

* Green roof
* Rainwater harvesting in underground tanks
* LED lighting fixtures
* Wood, bamboo, cork, slate flooring
* Energy Star® Appliances: refrigerator, range, dishwasher, hood
* Dual flush toilets, low flow showerheads and faucets