James Westwater's Plywood Chateau


Everyone else can ogle the MKLotus, the prefab of the moment is the Plywood Chateau by artist James Westwater. ""James Westwater has a whole new take on "prefab". His 48" x 48" Plywood Chateau incorporates a flokati cushion on wheels in it's own artsy cube environment." (NotCot)

"4ft Square Castle. Your girlfriend wants to live in a chateau but you can't afford one? Why not get her a 4ft square one from James Westwater." Culture Push (Singapore)

"A box that is a room that is a sculpture. The work of James Westwater, the Brazilian painter and conceptual artist. The Chateau is a room on wheels (a fixed point that is also mobile). To me, it's a symbol of these times, which talks about personal micro space and the increasing instability of life in motion." Artsblog (Italy) translated. ::James Westwater via Alex at ::Shedworking, who is getting seriously trendy.

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