iT House Gets Real


When the iT House was proposed three years ago by taalman koch architects, (TreeHugger here) it seemed destined for the vaporware pile, based on an expensive European aluminum structural system designed for lab benches, not houses, floor to ceiling glass and a price that seemed unrealistically low for such a product.

But vaporware it's not; there it is, glowing in the high desert twilight, complete with solar panels, Bulthaup kitchen, 2500 gallons of water storage and a hanging fire-orb.


Does it make sense? The idea of using a prefab structural system like the Bosch aluminum framing system certainly makes it go together easily, (two people can frame it in two days) and aluminum is usually recycled and is infinitely recyclable.


It is also expensive, and the owners may come home one weekend and find their house has been dismantled for the metal. According to Bosch Rexroth's online store, that header section of aluminum is almost sixty-five bucks a foot.


Not much of a thermal break, either with aluminum showing inside and out; they won't be selling too many of these in Michigan or Canada. On the other hand, it is certainly cleanly detailed and very beautiful, the size (about 1,000 SF) is right and it is completely off-grid.


iT House from Taalman Koch via ::Jetson Green