Instant House Made From Concrete Tubes

Images via designboom from H3AR architecture and design

Hugon Kowalski of Polish architecture firm H3AR does well in competitions; we loved his firm's third place proposal for the New London Bridge. Now he has created an "instant house" for a student competition in Milan. Designboom writes that it is made from lightweight styrofoam concrete tubes coated in Titanium Dioxide to reduce air pollution, and that in five years the concrete will be made with rice husks.

Interesting design, but only for the young and sober; there are no stairs inside.

H3AR prefab instant house drawing section delivery

While I do like the instant installation right off the back of a boom truck,

H3AR prefab instant house drawing section

Somehow the idea of taking all one's groceries and everything you need up and down a ladder seems a bit unrealistic.

H3AR prefab instant house drawing section rendering inside

But some of the imagery is lovely. What do you think, could you live in this?

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