Inflatable House Has Traditional Form

altro studio inflatable house photo exterior

We love buildings that tread lightly and leave no trace, that give us a little extra room when we need it. (see all of our garden shed offices) Everyone has seen inflatable domes those jumping structures that kids love so much, but Altro Studio has come up with a more conventional house form made of modular, cellular sections that zip together. It could be the perfect inflatable garden shed. (For working in, not storing sharp tools)

altro studio inflatable house photo interior

It looks quite comfy, and full of natural light. Although, this was built a couple of years ago; people might worry now about living in a vinyl shed. The designers write:

Once the length of the house has been determined, each module is concluded in non-inflatable plugging panels, that can contain a door or window as needed. These last elements themselves, which allow for the ventilation of the internal space, are characterized by a side zip closing system.

altro studio inflatable house photo assembly

We think to provide the structure with elements that would also be inflatable and transparent, to respond to the project intentions: armchairs, sofas, beds, tables, showers etc. Electric energy will be provided by the use of amorphous silicon modules, set on the inclined external surface south oriented by means of a system of prefabricated zip closings that will need to be prefabricated, as indicated in the project.

altro studio inflatable house photo drawings

More at altro studios, found on Archispass

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