India Goes Prefab (PHOTOS)

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All images courtesy of Design Flute

"Plug-in living" is coming to India, in the guise of what design blog Design Flute is calling India's first prefab green villa. Designer Pinakin Patel calls it the Hara Villa- Hara being Hindi for "green."

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Only 25 Hara Villas will be sold as limited editions, with a price tag of about $26,000. As to whether they're really green, it's hard to say. Design Flute notes that the buildings are made from local timber. The bathroom is designed to minimize water use, the light fittings are energy-efficient and solar power is an option. The prefab nature of the Hara Villa means there's no concrete foundation. Yet while these are good features, it's unclear if Patel's work is sustainably designed on anything other than a superficial level.

The condos also come fully equipped with a set of china, paintings, and carpets- all designed by Patel. And while it's hard to not get a sense of Patel's vanity- it takes a lot to be sure people will want not only to buy your house but will want it furnished with your designs- the Hara Villas are certainly worth a look, even if they're not as green as other prefabs.

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