In Pod We Trust

pod prefab for camping photo

It is a "continental camping hut" from Newfoundland Leisure Lodges, which appears to have nothing to do with Newfoundland and makes otherwise fairly conventional prefabs. It is 13'6 long and 8'-6 wide and can be dropped off a truck or can come with a single axle chassis. It only comes in one size: "is a bit of a handful to build. The curved roof means in effect we are sort of ‘upside-down boat builders’ as we similarly have to machine a lot of the components from templates. The size we have adopted is we believe the optimum for its purpose. If it was bigger, it would lose some of its charm and possibly become more of a planning issue. Any smaller and it would start to feel cramped. "


Nell Card reviews it in the Observer:

"The pods are made of locally sourced timber and insulated with sheep's wool. Each identical micro-lodge is designed to sleep four, although rumour has it that five mountain bikers survived a night in one in Yorkshire. Inside, there's plenty of headroom and not much of anything else. There's a hard foam floor, a small window and an LED light on the ceiling. And that's it." via ::the pod via ::Shedworking


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