IKEA Printing Houses In UK


"In normal projects, you find the plot and then you start thinking about what kind of building will fit there — then you are looking at a five-year process," he [Lars Wild Nordlun, product manager for Ikea home BokLok} said. "We have a product. We love it and we are proud of it. We have it and we go out and look for land for it. That's very important — find a plot of land for the building rather than a building for the plot of land." Yikes. We love IKEA, and we love prefab, but we also like mass customization. We like buildings designed for their environment, their context. The new IKEA houses are supposed to cost 20% less than conventionally built ones, and they do not look too bad, but this could be Levittown all over again. Too much of a good thing? ::Building Design (subscription) via ::Mocoloco