House No19: Mobile Studio


It looks more like a landing craft that just hit the beach, but in fact it is a mobile artists studio that was built in 2003 by Kortknie Stuhlmacher Architecten of Rotterdam in collaboration with artists BikvanderPol, as part of a municipal art program in Utrecht. The architects note:

"The simple space doesn't aim at being a piece of art in itself, but mainly offers a practical and affordable place to stay. Rather than minimizing size and weight as one would expect from a mobile home, the aim of the design was to maximise its dimensions and functionality. Despite its mobility the building is big, robust and durable. It consists of one long space that can be subdivided in different interior and exterior spaces. It's a house to be used in many ways: as a hotelroom, a studio or a hospitable dwelling with a big table, plenty of daylight and as much privacy as one needs."


Photo Christian Kahl

"The construction of the object is simple: walls, floor and roof have entirely been made of solid, laminated sheets of European softwood, stabilized by two steel frames. The object is stable enough to be lifted and transported in one piece, sturdy, heavy and environmentally sound. Its dimensions permit transportation on public roads. The timber panels are covered with additional thermal insulation and a laminated timber rainscreen. Within a few days the object was assembled on site."


"During transportation and also later, if the guest so desires, the object can be completely closed up, just lit from above. When the large shutters are opened the introverted house gets a completely different character. Then large parts of the elevations turn into terraces, ramps and podia. The timber interior then becomes part of its surrounding and the artist presents him/herself and his/her work to the city."


::Kortknie Stuhlmacher Architecten via ::Shedworking

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