The Home Machine doesn't look like your usual boxy prefab

exterior home machine
© David Frutos Ruiz for Ad Hoc

Most of the tiny homes seen on TreeHugger look relatively boxy and trailer-like, being designed around transportable dimensions. The Machine Home from Spanish firm Ad Hoc Arquitectura takes a different form.

It has three basic areas, a central open zone, a washroom, and a storage room. A fold-down ladder takes you upstairs to two bedrooms.

Google nicely translates the rationale for the design:

The Home Machine is designed as an austere and enigmatic object in the absence of its inhabitants, to evoke more of a territorial infrastructure than residential artifact, looking for a way to respond to the frequent concern for safety.

In other words, it seals up tight into a sculptural object when that door over the entry is down for great security.

The architects very nicely fit it onto its lot, with landscaping and a covered patio. It's a nice change from the usual box.

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