Home Delivery: The Reviews Are In


Photo from James Wagner

We so want to see Home Delivery, the exhibition of prefab at the Museum of Modern Art. Since we haven't got there yet, we are reading the reviews:

Nicolai Ouroussoff in the New York Times: "Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling," is a delightful surprise.....The effect is startling: expressions of a suburban utopian world surrounded by Midtown's looming skyscrapers."

Justin Davidson in New York Magazine:
"sporadically exciting but ultimately diffuse."

Art Critic James Wagner on JamesWagner.com:

The show is fascinating, at least as much for a historical survey as for a review of the latest innovations. ...But I confess to one serious misgiving about the show.In a world whose population is exploding, whose natural environment is threatened and whose resources are diminishing (including especially the resources which have supported cheap transportation of all forms), it would seem to me that if a modern museum's show about architecture is focused almost entirely on free-standing private dwelling units, regardless of all the sexy bits about computer design, pre- or modularly-fabricated structures, and revolutionary ecological breakthroughs, it is at least half-dead in the water already and unlikely to be remembered as a landmark achievement by any future generation...

..the [population] projection for 2050 is for close to ten billion. If we haven't learned to live in sophisticated multiple dwellings by then, those who have somehow managed to survive are likely to be sheltering inside mud huts. ::James Wagner
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