Hermit Cabin By Mats Theselius and Arvesund

hermit cabin photo

This distinctly retro garden shed is the Hermit' Cabin, designed by Mats Theselius has and Arvesund Tradesign. It is built from wood from old Swedish barns, and " recycles not only materials but also history and emotions."

Since 2001 they have shipped and installed cabins all over the world.

arevesund barn image
They write: "Throughout the Swedish countryside there are thousands of barns and small houses that where used decades ago in farming. Today Arvesund is not only reusing the old wood from the barns. We are also trying to use the design and functions that where found in the barns and small houses but in a modern way."

They design their houses to resemble barns: " The vision is that the Barn House should look just like a barn when its not used and all doors and windows are covered. Just like a natural element in the landscape." ::Arvesund

What a lovely idea. The New York Times recently wrote about how the iconic barns of Iowa are disappearing; perhaps these guys should move to Iowa. ::New York Times
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