Happy 100th Birthday, Charles Eames


Born on June 17, 1907, Charles Eames and partner Ray Eames built their own house as part of the Case Study house program. The house was constructed with "off the shelf" industrial components, using materials and techniques derived from the experiences of the second world war and and best suited to express man's life in the modern world. It and the case study houses were all to be models of the new, modern way to build and way to live.


Charles and Ray moved into the House on Christmas Eve, 1949, and lived here for the rest of their lives. (Charles died in 1978, Ray ten years later to the day) The interior, its objects and its collections remain very much the way they were in Charles and Ray's lifetimes. The house they created offered them a space where work, play, life, and nature co-existed. It is now used by the family but is open to the public for touring with 48 hours notice. ::Eames Foundation