Habitable Polyhedron: Garden Office by Manual Villa

manuel villa habitable polyhedron garden shed photo front
Photos copyright Manuel Villa or Sergio Gomez, used with permission

One would expect bigger things from an architect aptly named Manuel Villa, but one certainly cannot complain that he does lovely garden offices like this Habitable Polyhedron. Arch Daily tells us that it is designed as "area where the young parents and their newborn child would enjoy a independent space from day to day house activities, a space for reading, playing, etc."

manuel villa habitable polyhedron garden shed photo interior

But it would also make a seriously beautiful home office where one could get away from the newborn.

manuel villa habitable polyhedron garden shed photo exterior

The architect writes in Arch Daily:

The accompanying building, facing the natural landscape, constitutes a complementary space that supplies protection, refuge, or a dwelling area. Being a light structure, it should be able to give a protection and shelter sensation, and at the same time allow for several activities inside it, specially those having to do with space perception and comprehension. To come into form, the project is inspired in the shape's perception processes the children develop in their first years of life. The basic shapes of things and their differences are key elements in the development of knowledge, and specifically in acquiring reading skills and geometric basic concepts.

manuel villa habitable polyhedron garden shed photo interior to door
The outcome is a Regular Polyhedron -a "Truncated Cubic-octahedron"- transformed into a inhabitable space; a self-standing volume with one of his faces opened to the surroundings, and little windows on the sides and at the top that supply day light and optimal air circulation conditions. Inside, the space is arranged with a drawing area with a desk and ledge, and a resting place (sofa).

manuel villa habitable polyhedron garden shed photo interior desk

Put more simply, it has a sofa and a desk and everything one might need to get away. The architect kindly provides an unfolded plan that you can print out and assemble your own model; click on image below to enlarge. more at Manuel Villa Arquitecto

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