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A great way to start one's visit to Greenbuild in Boston is at Project Frog, a prefabricated building system that is as far from the standard school portable as a Prius is from an Edsel. (Seen previously in TreeHugger at Project Frog: Too Cool for School

There are certain basics everyone wants in a green building, starting with energy efficiency and non-toxic materials. Construction processes that limit the building's impact on the environment. A building that simply makes us feel better when we're inside, with its abundant daylighting, good acoustics and superior air quality. Sounds simple enough, right?

It is anything but.

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The buildings are custom-prefabricated and made to order, then assembled on site. Project Frog claims that they are better, greener, faster and cheaper; compared to some of the stuff that is around I would not be certain about faster and cheaper but one just walks in and looks around and knows that it is better and greener.

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The unit installed at Greenbuild was FROG Zero:

The Classroom of the Future -- incorporates the ideal learning environment into the greenest, most sustainable commercial building solution available. Ever. The 1,280-sf smart building features 75 percent energy demand reduction, abundant natural light and glare control, superior air quality, fungible user technology, microclimate customization and advanced climate controls in an easy to configure package. Constructed of renewable or recyclable materials, the FROG Zero generates more energy within its footprint than is required to operate its systems.

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Your photographer fails again

FROG Zero produces virtually no carbon emissions, provides 100 percent thermal comfort hours and has the capacity to return five times its energy use through active solar power generation. A flexible design approach makes optimization for a wide variety of local sites and climate conditions simple and cost-effective.

CEO and founder Mark Miller explains how air and light quality are dealt with. More detail and better photography at Project Frog

frog interior photo

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