Got A Shed Design In Mind? Enter The Shed Design Competition


Shed design is fascinating because so many architects and designers have tried it. It is the entry drug for modern prefab, a way for designers to put something out there and people who need a little more space to get it without building permits or major renovations. I have shown a few of the ones on the market here and here, and have been a judge on the shed of the year competition.

Now a UK website, Secrets of Shed Building, is running a shed design ideas competition. I have thrown in an entry.


I will be disqualified of course, but I have had it kicking around since pre-TreeHugger days. There are only a few entries so far, including a very interesting shipping container conversion, a shed with a living wall and a "garden in a box" urban shed.

It is not a sophisticated website or a big competition; the prize is an iPod. But there are so many good ideas kicking around that nobody gets to see, that never get to the built stage. This might be a good forum to see them. Competition runs until the end of October.

Enter the Shed Design Competition

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