Goodbye Lego House: Next Time Get Planning Permission

lego construction demolition uk housing photo demolition

A few weeks ago the Lego House was on all the blogs; it was built for BBC personality James May's TV show at a vineyard in Dorking, UK. It wasn't really built out of Lego, more just clad in it (it has a wood frame) and isn't really green (how can three million plastic bricks be so) but in the end, demonstrated a feature of Lego that could be called sustainable: it comes apart really easily for reuse, as demonstrated by its unfortunate demolition.

lego construction demolition uk housing photo facade

It was all done for a TV show, and was not there for the long term; May said he was going to try it out:

I'm planning to stay there for two or three days, or until it falls down - whichever is sooner. I'm pretty relaxed about it, but will just have to be careful moving around. If I wake up buried under a pile of bricks, I'll know it's gone wrong.'

lego construction demolition uk housing photo pile of bricks

There was some talk of moving it to LegoLand, but it was too expensive. They tried to get someone to take it away but nobody was interested, so it all got knocked down. The bricks will be donated to charity and the rest probably hauled to the dump.

lego construction demolition uk housing photo interior

It looks rather nice inside. I would have thought that a group of people clever enough to have put this together might have thought this out, considered the energy involved in putting it together, and the value of the asset beforehand instead of just building a very expensive and elaborate prop. What a waste. Designboom and Telegraph

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