Go To Sleep in a Sleepbox

The tiny sleeping rooms designed for airports land in an old Moscow building; they are more than a hostel and less than a hotel.

When I first showed the Sleepbox in 2009, I wondered if the concept would ever get to reality. In 2011, The Arch Group showed a working model in Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow. It has proven to be such a success that they have built a hotel out of them in Moscow.

The architects tell Dezeen:

The first Sleepbox Hotel creates a special niche in hospitality services between hostels and common hotels. Hostels are mostly cheap, which directly affects service quality. Traditional hotels have high level of comfort that it conditioned by high prices. Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya is partly based on hostel principles to keep price low, but it offers considerably different quality of hotel services.

It is in an old building; the architects have stretched a fabric across the ceiling, with LED spotlights above. Clever and cheap, " so that the lodging cost could remain on minimum level as planned."

...These modules are mobile, can be installed anywhere inside the building and just need to be connected to the power supply. These features give an opportunity to open a hotel in a building that has never been intended for a hotel.

They are built out of wood and also the Corian that was in the original 2009 proposal.

Showers and toilet cabins are located on every floor and made in the general futuristic style. Toilet cabins look like separate capsules fixed in a row. Joints between them are illuminated with LED. There is a big round occupancy indicator, which shines green when the cabin is free and red when it is occupied.

Lots more photos in Dezeen and Designboom

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