Glidehouse: Clean & Green Prefab


The Glidehouse is designed "to collaborate with nature." Built with eco-materials and made for solar, wind, or geothermal power, the "glide" in the prefab house's name refers to both the wall of sliding glass on one side of the building and the bank of storage opposite. Sliding wood panels give you the option to use the shelves either as display or as a hidden clutter-catcher. Naturally, the glass wall helps out with lighting and heating, meaning the electricity bill will be lower even if you do connect the Glide to the grid. Architect Michelle Kaufmann designed the house, which debuted at Sunset's Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, California. Several standard floorplans are available......with a starting price of $132 per square foot, or custom designs can be developed to suit the urban or rural site of your choice. If quick, cheap, and energy- and waste-reduced building isn't enough to sell prefab to you, there's more: we're beginning to see that prefab builders go out of their way to tell you exactly what their packages include and what they don't (compare the Flatpak house) so there aren't any surprises from the contractors. Glidehouse lists what you get here. In Ontario and Michigan, Royal Homes (maker of the Q house) offers a version of the Glidehouse that's designed to withstand the snow that isn't a concern in the home's native California. ::Glidehouse [by KK]


The Glidehouse kitchen and dining area. The kitchen appliances are tucked into the storage spine that runs the length of the house.