Funky Bunky Is Garden Shed on.....Something

funky bunky garden shed image

Brad Moon, The Geek Dad at Wired, discovers the FunkyBunky, noting that "one of these colourful and playfully deranged buildings would be pretty fun as a workspace."

Bunky or Bunkie is a Canadian term for a sleeping cabin for guests or kids, accessory to a summer cottage.

funky bunky garden shed founders photo

Designers Greg and Aaron were "were talking about building a bunkhouse together. It had to be something fun and a little bit different." They were perhaps enjoying a little something on the side during the conversation, but whatever, they have come up with a bunky that is truly funky, and offer green accessories like solar power and a Sun-Mar composting toilet.

ffunky bunky garden shed assembly

They also have an order form that lets you put it together on the screen, with whatever psychedelic colours strike your fancy, and with what options you want. It is quite well done; unfortunately this is only working for the playhouses, and not the larger bunkhouses that might work as a home office. More at FunkyBunky
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