Foldoub Trailer Travels Small, Lives Large

foldoub trailer by niels caris folded photo

It may well be that towing a trailer behind a station wagon is not the most fuel efficient way to travel, but squeezing all the air out of it and making it fold up as small as possible certainly is going to help. While pop-up trailers have been around forever, Dutch designer Niels Caris has designed a very clever pop-out unit that expands to many times its folded size, in a manner not dissimilar to one we have shown from 1936.

While the trailer and motor home businesses are in the tank because of gas prices, many clever solutions for dealing with small spaces start with boats and trailers, then migrate to furniture and housing.

foldoub trailer by niels caris unfolding 1 photo

So much of the space we use is empty most of the time; in mobile housing, moving big volumes of air is expensive, so pop-up and folding units, with their lower profile, are far more fuel efficient.

foldoub trailer by niels caris unfolding 2 photo

foldoub trailer by niels caris unfolded photo

foldoub trailer by niels caris exploded structure photo

This design is not without its share of problems, such as the lack of kitchen, washroom or any storage; most pop-out designs for trailers or prefab houses have a core of basic facilities. However I like the way it all folds up into a hard-sided suitcase that is narrow enough to go anywhere.::Niels Caris via ::DVICE
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