Floating Hotel Opens Near Gothenburg

salt-sill arrival photo

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Here it comes, a 46 bed year round hotel to be anchored next to the famous Salt & Sill Restaurant in Gothenberg, Sweden.

Salt sill anchored photo

In Cape Cod or Gravenhurst this would look like a tacky fake boathouse or fishing shack if it was allowed at all, but this is Sweden.

salt-sill interior

According to their website,

Salt & Sill has always been passionate about the environment. With food, it’s about using local raw materials as far as possible. During the building of the floating hotel, protecting the environment has obviously been at the top of the agenda. The establishment should have a positive impact on outdoor pursuits and recreation, and should have little or no effect on the living environment, safety or communications on the island. Neither should it cause any significant noise pollution, nor pollution of air, land or water. The excavating rock left over from the building work will be used to build a new lobster reef outside the hotel, which will benefit both fish and shellfish. The marine life underneath the floating pontoons is expected to increase, and will include a mussel purification plant.

salt-sill rooftop image

Fast Company notes:
The eco-minded proprietors chose the watery location, off a small fishing island near Gothenburg, simply because they didn't want to impact the land. But in low-lying coastal regions plagued by rising sea levels, a floating hotel is also a flat-out savvy business move.

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