Eco-Pod House ready to Launch

Actually it does look like it might take off any second. In fact it is an interesting design by inventor/ builder Aidan Quinn, who has been living in it for the last four weeks. To the Manchester Evening News he said:

"I have always wanted to build a house and it seemed to me that there had to be a way of doing it more efficiently to not only cut down CO2 pollution during construction but also running costs. Our homes are responsible for creating 27 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions and that clearly is not sustainable. I wanted to find a better way to live."

So his Pod has solar panels on the roof to heat the water, a wind turbine to generate power and a wood burning stove in case there's no wind. There's a water harvesting and recycling system and odourless dry toilet, and the pod sits on a deep concrete base which incorporates the underfloor heating system.

Now if he composts in an EcoPod and goes out horizontally in an ecopod, Aidan will have all the bases covered.


The Pod is manufactured in sections with polyurethane blown into moulds he has designed and manufactured which are then bolted together and sprayed with lightweight concrete 60mm thick giving the structure both strength and insulation. It is then covered in tiles made from recycled car tyres that look like slate, with solar panels installed in the upper section.


For those who think it is a meaningful number, at 45,000 pounds for the four metre diameter, that is $ 88,641 for 135 square feet, or US$ 656 per square foot, although we do not include the area of the loft. Read more in ::Manchester Online We have asked for more pictures and will publish them as soon as they are received.

Eco-Pod House ready to Launch
"I have always wanted to build a