Drop House Project


How did we miss this? In 2005 the Drop House was built for Algeco, a huge European modular builder and space rental company. (it just bought Williams Scotsman in the States). The design team, composed of Armen Neouze, Antoine Rope-maker, Jacques Freeze and Olivier Charles took the standard item in the RV biz, the "pop-out," and turned it into architecture. The usual limits on vehicle width can really limit the space inside, so pop-outs create a lot more room. In the Drop House, they also create an external design element that completely changes the notion of trailer.


autotranslation of architect's website:

The purpose of the project, prize winner of the Algeco contest "structures elementary", is to combine with the constraints of surface a space quality, by creating a comfortable space of life at the height identity character. The various functions of the program are gathered in small units which expansent principal volume while being withdrawn like drawers: thus the kitchen, the bathroom, the hopper of entry, and the two rooms come to position out of satellite of only one central space. These extensions are implemented to the assembly, but the house can be also closed again in the event of prolonged absence thus protecting itself from the infringements. Transportable by truck, the closed again unit, is contained within the limits maximum of the road gauge. The building, directed, also presenting solutions for an autonomy of optimal energy.





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