Details On Sky City, Worlds Tallest Building To Be Built In Two Months

Sky City One© Broad Sustainable Construction

All the blogs are agog about Sky City, the 200 storey vertical city proposed by Broad Sustainable Buildings. Timon at Inhabitat says "specific details on Sky City are minimal" but he must have missed TreeHugger,which has LOTS of detail in our slideshow from January.

The breaking news is that a site has been selected for the first Sky City, in the Wangcheng district in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan Province. Pending government approval, (which is considered a foregone conclusion), construction will start in November 2012.

While the appearance in the rendering is a bit Stalinist, there are a lot of interesting things going on inside. The building is in fact a giant 8 mile long ramp, lined with stores and restaurants and other support functions. It is built using Broad's prefab technology that is reminiscent of the Kenner girder and panel building system of my childhood. See it all here in 200-Storey Prefab For 100,000 People Can Be Built in 2 Months.

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