On Designboom: A gorgeous house built on stilts

Costa Flotanta overview
© Benjamin Garcia Saxe via Designboom

Designboom shows Casa Flotanta by Benjamin Garcia-Saxe, in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The site slopes, and most builders build monster retaining walls to create a flat site. The architect writes:

We decided to do the exact OPPOSITE and actually allow the slope, the earth, the vegetation, water, and animals to flow underneath the house. We then floated the house up in the air and by doing this we managed to save on the immense cost of creating soil retention walls around the site. This almost common sense and obvious decision created a very light touch intervention that allows the terrain to breathe whilst providing a spectacular view to the ocean from the key location on the site.

It's prefab, too, built out of " modules that are repetitive and linked by flying bridges that hover over the landscape." Being built on stilts allows the "natural environment to continue to grow and change", and creates a terrific view.

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On Designboom: A gorgeous house built on stilts
One way to guarantee a view and to tread lightly is to build high in the sky.

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