Daiwa's Post-Apocalyptic Expanding Container House Is Coming To America (Video)

edv-1 in factory photo

TreeHugger first showed the Daiwa EDV-1, the amazing robotic shipping container instant house, back in January. Now the prototype is coming Stateside (no doubt carried by supersonic helicopters) in July for Little Tokyo Design Week in Los Angeles. The press release has more information about the device, but nothing compares to the first two minutes of the video, where Roland Emmerich meets Cameron Sinclair to make the best disaster movie ever.

From the press release:

The EDV-01 is the first of its kind. A stainless-steel container about 6 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2 meters high, is equipped with cutting-edge systems to provide water and electricity. A rooftop solar system and fuel cell generates power that is stored in lithium-ion batteries (developed by Elly Power Co), whereas another system collects up to 20 liters of potable water a day from the air, which enough for two adults to live on for about month.


The container¹s main attraction is that it does not require any construction. With the flip of a switch, a hydraulic pump raises the walls in four and a half minutes to form a second floor. The first floor contains a kitchen that utilizes induction heating for cooking, a shower and a bio-toilet. The second floor has fold-away beds and an office space with a
separate desk.

It is a really clever idea; the outer box protects all of the technology during shipping and telescopes up to provide the living space. It is also impossibly expensive and impractical. Kate Stohr of Architecture for Humanity says of these kinds of solutions:

Shipping costs are prohibitive -- it can sometimes cost twice as much to ship a design as it does to build it. Designs that are scalable, built using local materials or can also be used as core housing -- as a hub for basic services like sanitation, communication, supplies -- that basic dose of shelter, are key.

But what a lovely bit of engineering.

Here is another video, less dramatic, showing the unit opening up:

More on the EDV1:
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