Containers to Clinics: Out of the Box Healthcare

shipping container medical clinic  image

Anshen + Allen via Metropolis
Containers to Clinics is a non-profit founded by Elizabeth Sheehan to "develop a new model for heath service delivery"- they outfit shipping containers with the latest in equipment, medicine and staff and deliver them to underserved parts of the world to administer primary health care to women and children.

Anshen + Allen are architects who have been reinventing and Greening the Hospital Room; Now they are working together on the design of container based clinics.

According to Metropolis, "Sheehan estimates that one C2C unit will cost approximately $100,00, but that figure includes transport, equipment, medications, and salaries for seven local staff members."

shipping container medical clinic setup image

Clinic setup showing screen installed above containers; you can boil in these things if not shielded from the sun.