Container Housing Jumps the Shark

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Mocoloco tells us:
The 2+ Weekend House is a container house with a difference - it's made with containers manufactured expressly for housing (vs. cargo containers). "As opposed to the other container projects, which mostly feed on the excess of available cargo containers, ConHouse pushes the development of containers manufactured especially for housing and office purposes."

And we ask, why?

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The virtue of container housing is that it is made from existing shipping containers, a common, inexpensive, surplus commodity.

The problem with shipping container housing is that they are too narrow for most uses, and all kinds of architectural ingenuity is needed to figure out how to get bigger spaces out of them, to chop holes in them to put them together, and to insulate them without losing too much interior space. These guys probably painted the kitchen and table on the floor so people could actually move around inside. So why would anyone in their right mind actually build a container sized module specifically for housing? They might get an inch or two of width, but who wants a maximum room dimension of 7'-6" if they have a choice?

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Perhaps they do it because of the handling equipment infrastructure, but really, even the manufacturers of shipping containers hate the established dimensions, and tack on extensions beyond the standard 40' to get them closer to the road limits.

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But as Oskar Kaufmann and Albert Ruf showed 12 years ago, you can take a wider building down the road,

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You get a much nicer interior,

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And the exterior is a damn sight more interesting.

I can't think of a reason in the world to manufacture new container sized boxes other than the fact that they had a certain design cachet that has become a design cliché.

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