Condo Sales Office Built Out of Shipping Containers And Looks It

shipping container architecture sales office milwaukee photo exterior

There is no form of architecture more ephemeral than the condo sales office, where a lot of money is spent to construct a temporary building that tries to represent the image of the building. Rarely does it go against type.

Another ephemeral and ubiquitous object is the shipping container. In Milwaukee, Rinka Chung Architecture has built a sales office for a slick modern condo out of shipping containers, and made no pretences about their rough and gritty character.

shipping container architecture sales office milwaukee photo night

Preston at Jetson Green calls it "interesting, temporary, and functional." But it is more than that, it turns conventional condo marketing on its head. The last thing that a marketer trying to sell in a "transitional" area wants to do is remind purchasers of the fact that they are pioneers, yet the architects write:

Highly functional, this temporary urban art piece, designed as a catalyst for development in the Park East, makes a bold and creative statement about this area's industrial past and its future urbanization.

shipping container architecture sales office milwaukee photo under construction

The sales office won an Mayor's Urban Design Award in 2008, while the developer struggled to keep the project afloat through the real estate crash. The sales office has apparently been removed and the construction has started, so it did its job.

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