Climate Change Protection Complex


That's what they call this new prefab from the Survival Center in McKenna, Washington, the perfect home for the new survivalists. They take five of these steel 27 foot long tanks and link them together, and includes everything you will need to survive for up to ten years. Each of the modules serves a particular function:

Climate Change Protection Complex
1. The Main Shelter is the living area with sleeping, cooking, shower and toilet facilities.

2. Food. The Food Shelter is where most of the long term storage food is located. Some food preparation can be done here. This includes 10 years food supply (our choice) for 5 people. Grain mill for grinding grain, stainless steel cook ware, alcohol cook stove & fuel, utensils, flatware and kitchen basics.


3. Water. The Water Shelter is where most of the water, water purification, pumps, etc., is located. This supply will need to be replenished at regular intervals via a well, etc.

4. Medical. The Medical Shelter is the built in medical facility with extensive medical supplies including but not limited to be able to do minor surgery and long term care and special needs for the occupants. This area also doubles as the entertainment, play, recreation, sprouting, time out, etc., area when not in use as a medical facility. Can also be a back up sleeping area.

5. Utility. The Utility Shelter is the generator room with storage for fuel and extra supplies to repair and maintain the under ground facility. Also included a clothes washer, dryer, extra shower, inside gardening ( hydroponics, sprouting, etc. ) Communication center - short wave radio, satellite hook up, satellite phone, etc. Non-Hybrid Garden seeds and tools.

All units are connected to fresh air with NBC type filtering system operated by electric power with hand option included. Internal Battery bank is hooked up to gas/diesel generating system with stand alone solar electric generating backup system.


Being buried, it will fit nicely into any environment. All for only $ 1,570,000 plus installation. That's only $1453 per square foot! ::Survival Center

It that price is a bit high, they have a smaller, single bay unit for sale, fully equipped for $59,995, that you can even buy online.