CityHub Plug-In Pop-Up Modular Hotel Is A Better Capsule


Building hotels is expensive, and so is staying in them, particularly in Europe. Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburg have developed an L shaped pop-up hotel room that can be put in any building. Unlike Japanese capsule hotels, the L shape gives one room to stand up inside. It is an interesting idea that has perhaps a broader reach than just hotels; It might work well in Graham's LifeEdited or similar small apartments where one wants acoustic privacy and room for guests. According to Hope Entrepreneurship,

It begins with an empty building. Instead of rooms, Schuurkes and van Tilburg will install simple, standard sleep cabins. These cabins have a two-persons bed, a plank for a suitcase, lighting, windows and a door with a lock. Bathrooms are shared with other guests. Pretty much all services will be outsourced: catering, cleaning, maintenance. This keeps the costs down: "Real estate costs and personnel are the biggest costs for a hotel," said Schuurkes. "And that's where we save money."

cityhub hotel bed

One problem in small spaces is changing the bedding. They have thought about that, saying on Facebook that "we've been secretly working on a system to make the changing of the sheets of the big, soft bed within the Hub easy and quick..." That will be interesting to see.

Springwise writes about the concept of drop-in units like this:

Together with all the other modular structures we've seen in the works, it's further evidence that future buildings will increasingly be put together on a "mix and match" basis. Developers, hoteliers and others: Time to start thinking in self-contained units.

More on Facebook. Found on Springwise

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