Castor Canadensis Prefab Sauna


"The Sauna Box is dialectical investigation of the common shipping container and traditional sauna. Through this tension it addresses built environment issues – minimum impact, sustainability, and presents them in an accessible, usable form." -prefab saunas are run of the mill but this is different-" The Sauna Box is water tight and can be transported to any location, needs minimum site preparation, has a wood fired stove and is electrically powered by solar panels. Each Box is site specific and custom built. The outer skin is constructed of Cor-Ten steel, a material that withstands saltwater and used as sculptural material. This utilitarian, sculptural aesthetic is continued on the inside with hand made objects such as carved stone stools, stone sink, custom wood and metal work." Website is a work in progress but has a cool movie and soundtrack by our favourite band, Broken Social Scene- hugs for that. ::Castor Canadensis click here for ::pdf with more content via ::Mocoloco