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I find it interesting that so many women have become leaders in the prefab movement. Pioneers were Jennifer Siegel, Rocio Romero and Michelle Kaufmann (this year's Residential Architect of the Year). Two years ago we were big on a Cusato; now we have Copeland Casati, who is offering Green Cabin Kits. And judging by the picture, you don't want to mess with her.

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Green Cabin Kits

The designs are built from structural insulated panels, which are prefabricated in the shop and can be shipped flat-pack. Casati writes about the Urban Cabin:

Well suited for both urban and rural sites, the CornerHouse promotes passive solar heating and natural ventilation through a large veranda and glazed wall on the building’s corner....Cladding options include natural wood species, metal panels, cement fiberboard panels, and photovoltaic cells. Interiors can be upfit as desired with custom cabinetry or can utilize Ikea’s modular cabinet systems.


Green Cabin Kits

The cabins appear to be designed and produced by the Tektonics Design Group of Richmond, Virginia, which like Treehugger favourites Marmol Radziner, control both the design and fabrication in-house.

The basic shell, including SIPs, roof membrane and exterior house wrap is quoted at about $ 85 per square foot. Casati writes that the balance of the work would be about 15-20% more, bringing the total cost to about $100; I suspect it would be more like at least double. However that quibble notwithstanding, it is wonderful to see the expanding supply of more designs in more locations from more designers becoming available.

More information at Green Cabin Kits, via Jetson Green

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