Cabin Fever : Eight Prefabs in ReadyMade


ReadyMade magazine, available online in their new digital format, does Cabin Fever, a look at small designs that can act as home offices or entire mini-houses. The problem, as always, is red tape and municipal restrictions, so some are under the 100 square foot radar, others are on wheels, and others are probably just dropped in without asking.

Paul Stankey of Hive Modular built his Rustic Reuse cabin out of two shipping containers. They look surprisingly comfortable inside, given that the walls are uninsulated steel. See also the Clara Cabin by Bryan Meyer, no wonder Hive is doing such interesting stuff)


I will confess that I took a pass on posting about Carib Daniel Martin's M-finity design when I first saw it; I was not crazy about the finishes and the Home Depot style front door. However Martin knows what I keep forgetting: if you want to keep the price reasonable you have to use off-the-shelf materials and finishes like every other builder. And, upon closer examination, there are some very interesting details. "Everything has to do double duty or fold out of the way" says Martin. ::m-finity


Wow, it even looks good under a billboard covered in snow conflict note, too much exposure of the ::Sustain MiniHome; after all, it has been in TreeHugger here, here and here.

Also shown are the Modernshed,, the Modern Cabana and the work of Edward Blazona.

Good content from Readymade and we love the fact that they have put it up for free. ::Readymade, via ::Shedworking