buBle is More than a Tent, Less than a House


In these difficult times there are a lot of people on the move. Studio MMASA (Patricia Muñiz + Luciano G. Alfaya) with the collaboration of the architect-artist Cipriano Chas, have developed the buBle as a form of temporary accommodation:

These units would thus complete the city’s functioning and allow for the newly arrived, or displaced people in general, to gradually settle in the city. Semi-regulated spaces that, accepting the transience of new residents, alter their character slightly and contribute to social inclusion.


It fits into a very small space when folded up;


It looks relatively easy to construct;


and even has rudimentary plumbing. It isn't just a tent; the designers write:

In our view, almost any camping system could cover the minimum needs, but it would not be adaptable to different situations. So we conceived a system with three preconditions: it should be possible to stand on the whole of its surface; its structure should be stable and its skin should be adaptable to the place and time of the stay; and the system should meet the minimum needs of hygiene and comfort.


Some might say that perhaps housing young women in clear vinyl boxes in the middle of the street is a lousy idea. But this is Spain, and conditions may be different there.

More at buBbLe, via Alex at Shedworking.

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