Bsq. Office in a Shipping Container

bsq container exterior photo

After seeing Mocoloco's pictures of the BSq. office in a shipping container we noted that we would catch up with it later, and indeed we have. And it is worth seeing; where it gets a bit tight in a container for living spaces, it works very well as a landscape designers' office for two.

bsq container looking toward end photo

That's what Robert Boltman and his partner Alex Bartlett of Bsq. Landscape Design Studio have done. Even though they have insulated it with four inches of rock wool and even taken up space with a rock filled planter along one side, it feels comfortable and generous.

bsq container bike photo

Behind the decorative fixie they have batteries and inverter powered by a rooftop solar panel with enough juice to power the LED lighting and their notebook computers; there appears to be no provision for heating yet.

bsq container hatch to roof photo

a ladder and hatch provides access to the roof;

bsq container green roof photo

which is divided between a lovely terrace and a sedum moss green roof.

bsq container end view photo

Bsq's main gig is landscape design in Toronto (where they will be using this as an office) but as shipping containers are easy to handle, they are offering these as a sideline and will ship anywhere. We caught a quick interview:

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