Broad Sustainable Building To Start World's Tallest Prefab in November

Broad sustainable buildignsBroad Sustainable Buidings/Promo image

TreeHugger has been following the progress of Broad Sustainable Building's prefabricated towers, including their proposal for a 220 storey tower that would accommodate 100,000 people. It is a building system that is "Taller, Greener, Faster, Cheaper". I noted in June that a site had been chosen and that construction would be starting in November.

Wired Magazine picks up the story with an interview of the founder and chairman of Broad, Zhang Yue, and some great illustrations that explain how the construction process works. Lauren Hilger writes about the tower, wondering if the whole thing isn't a publicity stunt.

The foundation is scheduled to be laid in November at a site in Hunan; if everything goes well, the building will be complete in March 2013. All in all, including factory time and onsite time, construction is expected to take just seven months. Again, that’s assuming it really happens: When my guide at the T30 plugs in one of the models and the lights flicker on, he tells me, “My chairman says we have to attract eyes. We have to shock the world.”

They will.

More in Wired; see our stories on Broad Sustainable Building in related links to the left.

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