Bridge Built from Shipping Containers Is Trendy, but Inefficient

ECOntainer bridger© Yoav Messer Architects via Designboom

Over at Designboom, they're featuring a new bridge design made from shipping containers by Israel's Yoav Messer Architects. The firm says that "repurposing the containers is fast and easy work that can be done off-site and later assembled, minimizing invasive construction. A new steel truss will be integrated with the metal boxes as the primary structure of the bridge." But is it smart design?

econtainer detail© Yoav Messer Architects via Designboom

There is no question that using the shipping containers enables the architects "to frame specific views." The containers have "incorporated display panels [that] will keep visitors up to date with site-specific information and presentations on new projects."

But can you call cutting out walls, engineering the boxes into trusses, and welding four 40-footers into a span "fast and easy" compared to building a box truss from scratch that is actually the length of the span between supports? Does the use of a shipping container's "modular characteristic [make] it ideal for replacing or repairing parts" when they are the actual structure of a bridge? How do you replace a section of a truss?

Honestly, I have become a container curmudgeon. Still, you can check out lots more lovely images at Designboom.

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