BOB Gets Around: Andrew Maynard's Mobile Home


Andrew Maynard knows prefab, and that the next step is adding mobility to the mix. Buro North and Andrew Maynard have whipped up this:

"BOB is a hybrid home of the future, a mobile living tool for tomorrows generation of nomadic wanderers. Somewhere between a tent, a house and a Winnebago, BOB explores the relationship between the basic human requirements of travel and shelter."


"Unlike most motor homes BOB's dimensions aren't dictated by a fixed width based on car lanes. Unlike other mobile homes, BOB internal elements don't need to be lined up one after the other with a tiny circulation path running through the middle. At the end of a hard day driving BOB lays out and relaxes to create over triple his original foot print. Who said that you couldn't have open plan living in a mobile home.

How much does BOB cost? Well it depends how many metres you want, as BOB's price tag is based on the lineal metre. Sort of like a stick of timber. "


Like so many wonderful ideas from Australia, climate never seems to be an issue. However, like the MiniHome,concepts that separate shelter from real estate will provide a new way of living with less. ::Andrew Maynard via ::The Design Blog